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Posted on 12. Feb, 2016 by afanley in Reviews

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Product Name: Fast Metabolism
Standard Price: $39.99
Author: Christopher Guerriero
Reviewer: Aaron
Review Updated: 18th Oct 2010
Bonus Offered: Yes

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Publisher’s Description

Maximize Your Metabolism Will Help You Lose Weight, Get Fit, & Feel Great Today! You’ll Finally Be Able To Toss Those Fat Pants In The Trash Forever and Turbocharge Your Energy Level, Stay Focused, Sharp, And Driven Throughout The Day!

  • “10 Ways You Can Avoid Excuses To Skip A Workout.” The psychology of “stick-to-it-iveness” and all the powerful secrets of people who never miss workouts. A procrastination killer!
  • “7 Steps that Guarantee you Stick to your Workout Program.” Never lose motivation again! Amazingly simple but effective techniques to keep you focused on your program.
  • “7 Steps to Creating Mega-Motivating Goals.” A step-by-step guide for creating goals that turbo-charge your desire and motivation… even when you don’t feel like going to the gym.
  • “Cardio Secrets” is a series of no-fail strategies that maximize results from any cardiovascular routine. Use these techniques and watch your fat loss skyrocket by up to 275% or more. Plus…
  • “Goals: Where it all Begins.” 7 steps that will transform your desire for the perfect body into your dream physique. Proven mental training and goal-setting techniques for achieving any fitness goal.
  • “Unleash your Most Powerful Metabolism.” Metabolism-boosting strategies not taught in the system that guarantee you burn off calories with maximum rocket-fueled efficiency.
  • Breathing techniques fora maximum metabolism — the 5 metabolism-stimulating benefits of correct breathing, and a quick test to find out if you’re doing it right.
  • How to identify and minimize your metabolic “weak links,” and why you’ll NEVER get the results you want unless you weed out every one of them.
  • Strength training methods for fat loss — a total program including the optimal routine, sets, reps, form, speed, and poundage… all explained in detail.
  • Why you should forget everything you ever learned about losing weight “slowly,” and why accelerated fat loss is possible by using several simple but powerful techniques in the right combinations.

User Reviews

Fast Metabolism Review7.7103
  1. Ann O'Reily February 2016 #
    I immediately noticed results! My energy level increased and my clothes got much looser, and I feel great! I had lost a total of 45 pounds before I started on your program, but I was stuck and had been for several months. Now I lost my final 22 pounds and it’s not coming back!
  2. Mark Parr February 2016 #
    Even after briefly flipping through it, I was intrigued. After devouring the entire thing from cover to cover, frankly, I was BLOWN AWAY! I’ve read hundreds of diet and fitness books, but this was the first time I’d ever seen a program that shows you how to lose weight at a faster rate than usual, while doing it in a way that’s safe, all natural and beneficial to your health.
  3. Trisha Barns February 2016 #
    I was weary about buying another diet book… but after I saw the progress my friends were getting I had to see what it was all about. What I found was that this isn’t just another fad book, it’s actually a dream come true for me.

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